Hooray for HURRAW! > A Checklist & Need To Knows!

Lemon, Cinnamon, Root Beer, & Green Tea, some of the ridiculously yummy balms available in the latest product range we have launched on SLCF - HURRAW!

We were pretty excited to be able to stock this brand as not only do they have a pretty amazing range of flavours, they are a match made in heaven for SLCF.

HURRAW! balms are 100% organic, raw, vegan and of course cruelty free. Made with the highest quality ingredients including pure essential oils like Raspberry seed, Almond, Coconut and even cold pressed Hemp oil. They will leave your lips feeling all kinds of wonderful.

We really did our research into HURRAW! as a company. Their beliefs and the nitty gritty little bits that make up their brand and balms themselves.

They started out of pure intent with a goal and obsession to create the perfect lip balm. 

They had a few tick boxes they wanted to check off too > Their balms needed to be :
''Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy and long lasting. Plus it had to hold up to being in a back jeans pocket all day without melting!'' 
So we got thinking. We needed to make our very own balm checklist to really put these babies to the test. 

HURRAW! Lip balm in tow and wearing our favourite pair of jeans, we stashed our balms into our back pockets & got ready for a weekend with HURRAW!
Application > Must glide on smoothly with no grainy, bumpy bits.
Feeling > Must feel smooth and creamy and not leave hairs sticking to our lips when we step outside.
Taste > (Yes, however it happens, we do taste those lip balms) 
Smell > Not too strong, just the right amount of flavour.
Longevity > As long as we aren't sippin' on something tasty or puckering up for a kiss, we hope these balms keep our lips nourished and protected for a decent amount of time.
Pocket Proof > With their new oval shaped tube designs, these guys should be going nowhere. Standing or sitting, lets hope they stay in check.
I heart these balms so much, which is why we bought them to She Lives Cruelty Free. We wanted to get them out into the NZ market and show ya'll how amazing they are! So, we took it upon ourselves to test these babies out properly. I chose the Coconut Balm to test run as I am a big fan of all things Coconut so I figured I would love this flavour.

First things first, slip it in the back pocket. Through a day of standing, walking, sitting and running daily errands, to putting it through the real test with handstands, yoga (quite difficult in jeans) and cartwheels, this balm stayed put and never popped out. Pocket proof > Check!

So, of course we know that they're smooth as silk and glide on nicely. No grainy bits and bumps, just like velvet. Application and Feeling > Check!

The next point of call was taste. I took it upon myself to give this balm a proper taste test. After licking it off my lips, I must say it tasted just like coconut oil but sweeter, just delish! I got a wee bit carried away and bit a chunk off (whoops!). I don't recommend this, felt a bit odd squished between my teeth. But never the less, it held it's coconutty flavour and was still pretty sweet! Smell & Taste > Check!

Last but not least, Longevity. After popping it on in the morning this balm stayed on until I licked it off. I only applied it twice throughout the day and it smelt, tasted and felt amazing the entire day. Longevity > Check!

So all in all, this balm is the bees knees. Aside from all of the above reasons for me to love this balm, I am in love with the company as a whole. They hold the same ethos as SLCF and of me personally. Who wouldn't love a balm that's vegan, raw, cruelty free, organic, fair trade, and eco friendly?

So, like Sam, Saturday morning the jeans went on and the balm went straight into the back pocket. I chose the Chai spice flavour as I could drink those bad boys all day. Why not have the flavour on my lips?

Aside from when I was sitting, I actually forgot the little guy was in my pocket. Comfortable and incospicuois you might say. A good sign that it wasn't a pain in the ass too, literally - and it stayed there, all day.
 Pocket proof > Check! 
These balms are smooth as! Seriously, the formula is like butter! Grainy bit's? Never! Application & feeling > Check!
As soon as you remove the cap from the balm you can smell that oh so magic Spicy scent. You feel like you want to just dive right in there and take a good ol' bite. I didn't - unlike Sam and her Coconut balm. It tasted like a good organic balm should taste. Not like chemicals or fake sweet flavours. Spicy and subtle. So you know if you do decide to lick your lips you'll be A-Ok! Smell & Taste > Check!
From Saturday to Sunday my Spicy Chai came with me. I had a workout, I walked, I may have even ran. I ate of course, I worked, I drank, I snoozed and I showered. This guy stayed put. I reapplied of course throughout the day, but it's amazing how long my lips felt soft and moisturised. Longevity > Check!
So the HURRAW! balm check list proved to be a win overall! Providing our lips with some creamy, sweet smelling, long lasting goodness. If you wanna be in to win some HURRAW! balm of your own - check out our Giveaways below!
Check out the Full range of HURRAW! balms here.
Happy Balmy Monday,
S + H
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