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Hi & a very thankful, warm, loving welcome to our very first SLCF Blog post.
This moment for us is a very proud one. Rewind 10 months and that's where our venture & story began.
SLCF has been our baby since July 2013. With countless dinner dates over chalk boards and diaries, notebooks jammed with logo ideas & web layouts.
SLCF was beginning to take shape into the beautiful wee company we had so dearly envisioned.
At the end of August our travels took us from Auckland to London and all the good places in between. For us this was an opportunity to sample and test the products & brands that we couldn't back home. Kids in a candy store, I tell ya, skincare boutiques to double-story drug stores, the range was incredible and the products, ridiculously gorgeous. The result, an over weight suitcase en route home. But, with minds full of insight and inspiration.
Back home & SLCF was beginning to take shape. A four-pawed, pointy ear kind of shape. The Black Cat would be our mark. The essence of SLCF & a representation of what we believe in. 
Fast forward through tears & triumphs, plenty of high fives & a few annoying high-lows, meetings & emails & coffees & pizza, SLCF had bloomed into something wonderful.
We wanted to share a little of who we are with you. Extracts and bits from our lives, so you can get to know us a little better. The ladies behind SLCF.

Favourites & Things of the Moment.

1. Music > All day err day. Nothing can change my mood faster than a good song.
2. Animals > My cats, birds & chickens to be specific, all 6 of them!
3. Right now I can't get enough of beetroot & carrot salad.  YUMMO! Oh and speaking of food..ish, my new favourite drink, Soy Chai! Thanks Haley for introducing me, cannot get enough.
4. Make Up > This month I'm digging theBalm's timeBalm Concealer. Perfect to wear on its own for a light and natural look, (but still thick enough to cover my few spots & scars!)
5. My very small 'inner' circle, these people are my everything, my fiancee and best friends.

Favourites & Things of the Moment.

1. Animals. I love 'em all. I have a family cat called Zoe and she's beautiful. Next family member would have to be a bulldog I think.. 
2. Crystals + Holistic living. 
3. FOOD. That's in caps for a reason. Creating and trying out different foods is a definite love. 
4. Photography & travel. I'm a Photographer by trade and by passion. I can combine this with every aspect of life. 
5. A brand I've been loving for a while now; Lush. I love their Grease Lighting spot treatment, it's magic, as well as their BIG Shampoo, it's made with sea salt and really cleans the scalp and hair. I use the Tailor masque once a week. It's crazy good at deep cleaning and removing dirt and dead skin.
Can I add in a 6th? I will anyway. Loved ones. That's a permanent.

So. Here we are, launch day.. Magic! We are uber excited & our smiles are big, thank you for stopping by to support our little section of the web, which we hope will soon be a colossal portion of Cruelty Free goodness for all to explore. Have fun!
Sam + Haley


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